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The Hingham Municipal Lighting Plant (“HMLP”) is proposing to construct and operate a new transmission line and substation in Hingham to address critical reliability needs and support the Town’s climate change initiatives.

Hingham Electrical Infrastructure Reliability Project

The Hingham Municipal Light Plant (“HMLP”) is proposing to construct and operate a new transmission line and substation in Hingham to address critical reliability needs.

Here’s why:

  • The new substation and transmission line are vital to ensuring a reliable, low-cost electricity supply that supports the Town’s public safety, economic vitality and environmental goals.
  • Currently, Hingham is served by two above-ground transmission lines. These two lines travel the same route and share a common set of supports and poles. The fact that both lines share a common route and a single set of poles leaves the Town vulnerable to extended outages should an event (natural or otherwise) occur. Because of this arrangement, a downed pole could affect both lines simultaneously.
  • The new line and substation will provide additional capacity to support the electrification goals set out in the Hingham Climate Action Plan.


Project Location

  • The proposed transmission line would connect to HMLP’s distribution system at a proposed new substation on a parcel at Town’s transfer station site (see map below).
  • This Town-owned parcel located near the exit to the DPW transfer station on the northeast corner of that site was chosen upon suggestion from the Hingham Select Board and after HMLP’s comprehensive analysis of Town-owned properties with respect to reliability, environmental and cost considerations.
  • The new transmission line would tap into the Massachusetts grid at an Eversource tap station in Weymouth. The proposed line would run underground along public rights of way from Weymouth to Hingham.
Project location

The Process

HMLP takes seriously its obligation to communicate openly and honestly.  The information provided on this webpage is part of a comprehensive effort by HMLP to inform Hingham and Weymouth residents and business owners about the project and the steps needed to bring the project to completion.

  • HMLP worked closely with residents, businesses and public officials in Hingham and obtained valuable feedback regarding its proposed transmission line and substation.
  • HMLP held Community Meetings in Hingham regarding the proposed project on October 18, 2021 and November 18, 2021.
  • On April 30, 2022, Hingham Town Meeting approved a warrant article authorizing HMLP to obtain custody and control of a parcel of land at the Town’s transfer station for purposes of constructing and operating a new substation.
  • HMLP will continue to work with Hingham residents, businesses and officials through all phases of project development and permitting.
  • HMLP also is actively seeking support from residents and business owners in Weymouth where a new Eversource tap station and an underground line will be constructed along public ways.
  • HMLP will be holding two Open Houses in Weymouth – on August 25, 2022 and September 13, 2022 – to discuss the proposed project and get feedback from Weymouth residents and businesses regarding HMLP’s preliminary proposed route and preliminary alternative route for the underground line.
  • Additionally, the project also will require approval or certification from:
    • Massachusetts Energy Facilities Siting Board, an independent state board that reviews proposed energy facilities.
    • The Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) office of the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs
    • Hingham and Weymouth Conservation Commissions
    • Hingham and Weymouth zoning and planning agencies, as needed
    • Other agencies, as necessary